Cost Of Trump Wall Would Be Billions

Trump’s Wall Across America is estimated to cost between 16 and 25 BILLION dollars and most likely closer to the high end. Though he waivers between a wall all along the border or for just 1,000 miles, the building of a wall that long hasn’t been done in modern times and the logistics involved are far beyond Trump’s spotty ability to hire contractors to build a Trump Whatever. 

In this article here an engineer describes the impossibility of Trump’s Wall Across America. The author figured that the wall would have to extend 5 feet below ground level to prevent tunneling. I think 5 feet isn’t very deep since several tunnels under the border have been in the news lately but using the author’s calculations for the materials needed, another guy made cost projections… 17 billion just for materials.  

Mexican president, Peña Nieto has made it clear that Mexico will not pay for the wall. While Trump says he has a plan to make Mexico pay, there’s just no way that Congress, let alone the rest of the world, will allow the US to force Mexico to do anything. 

It’s also estimated that paroling and maintenance of the wall would require an additional 750 million dollars a year. Mexico isn’t going to pay for that either.

Xenophobia is an expensive affliction.