Homeless George Zimmerman Can No Longer Stand His Ground

I don’t have a house, I have hundreds of homes that supporters have welcomed me into. -George Zimmerman

Despite selling the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin, despite selling his confederate flag paintings, despite all the financial support from the AltRight, George Zimmerman is now in debt and homeless. 

That really sucks for George because he can’t stand his ground if he doesn’t have anything to defend against unarmed teenagers.

On top of all this, Homeless George is losing his White Hispanic status. Since his mother let it be known that she’s Afro Peruvian, a descendent of Black slaves, even Wikipedia lists Homeless George as a Mixed Race Hispanic man.  That also really sucks for George considering he’s racist and most of his supporters are White Supremacists.

Below are Zimmerman’s tweets from last year before he was suspended. His racism (his parent’s swore Georgie loved all races) is pretty obvious as he refers to Blacks, including Obama, as apes and primates.

Clicking on the first screen capture will open a larger sized gallery that you can scroll through.