Trumps Child Rape Victim Speaks Out #JusticeForKatie

UPDATE: On Friday, September 16th, Jane Doe’s lawyer moved to voluntarily dismiss the lawsuit due to a second eyewitness to the rape coming forward. They will be refiling the case once they have the eyewitness statement. Details are here


Today was to be the first pretrial conference in a civil lawsuit filed against Donald Trump alleging that he raped the plaintiff in 1994 when she was just 13 years old.

Though Trump was served electronically on June 21st, he has not responded so this conference, the first step in the civil lawsuit, Jane Doe v Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, can not move forward until affidavits are filed showing Trump and Epstein have both been served. The conference has been rescheduled for October 14th.

After 6 weeks, the lack of response from the plaintiffs is most likely a delaying tactic by Trump to avoid negative publicity before the presidential election. A better strategy by Trump’s legal team would have been to offer a large settlement with the condition that the plaintiff not discuss the lawsuit with anyone. This would get rid of Jane Doe without Trump admitting to any wrong doing. 

The court has remedies that Jane Doe can use to keep the lawsuit moving forward. Even if Trump manages to win the presidency. Presidents are not above the law, citizens can sue a sitting president on matters that happened before being sworn in. Continuing to stall for time could prove to be very embarrassing for Trump. So far, mainstream media hasn’t shown much interest in the lawsuit but that could change at any minute. 

Jane Doe, whose real name is Katie, has filed 11 charges against Trump and Epstein. In addition to rape she alleges sexual misconduct, criminal sexual acts, sexual abuse, forcible touching, assault, battery, intentional and reckless infliction of emotional distress, duress, false imprisonment and defamation. The case may seem like a “He Said She Said” battle, but Trump doesn’t have the best reputation with women, and Epstein has been convicted of soliciting an underage girl for sex and is a registered sex offender. 

Whatever the outcome of the lawsuit, Trump loses. 

While waiting for the lawsuit to begin, someone has created a website on behalf of Katie. The website is The site contains a lot of information about the case. Several video interviews can be found there. I’ve posted two of them below along with transcriptions and another clip can be found here

A little side note of interest for the first video regarding gloves. It’s not well known but Trump is a germaphobe and dislikes shaking hands because he’s afraid of getting other people’s cooties. It would seem he has the same concerns regarding anyone touching his penis.

The first time that I met Donald Trump I was at a party at Jeffrey Epstein’s um, mansion. I was 13.

And he basically asked, um… if I could come over and give him, um, give him a hand job. And, um sorry, it’s um, a little difficult, but um, before I gave him a hand job he kinda slapped my hand away and said um, you need to use a glove . And the recruiter ran over and handed me a glove and said nobody touches Mr Trump’s penis without a glove.

The second time I saw Mr Trump, ah, was same scenario, he was. ah, onlooking at an orgy and, ah, Tiffany came over to me and, and said Donald Trump had requested that I perform oral sex on him.

He came in and I was basically tied to a bed, um, with panty hose, ah and he tied up my limbs (?) so tight it hurt to even lay there and I tried to, you know, try to say something and it was like, he, you know, shut up, shut up bitch this is. It was basically like he was being really really rough.

And I started to get scared and he, he was, you know, basically like ripping my clothes off and I was actually really, I started,.. I,I freaked out.

  He just turned into this animal. It was like a completely different… um completely different person. I couldn’t do anything about it…and… he…ripped off all my clothes and… he… started to basically have sex with me and I was screaming. I had never had sex before. It was my first time and he told us to shut the fuck up and just basically took my virginity while I was crying and telling him to stop and basically begging him to just… stop.