UpComing Court Cases; Trump, Camp, Spink, Rauhauser. Spina et al

“Justice is a dish best served with popcorn”
                                                           – Zile Ohai

A lot of the characters that appear on Iron Troll blog have court cases coming up so I thought it would be a very good idea to make a list of who’s who and when they go to court. 

As a celebrity, I also decided it would be very nice of me if I also held a fund raiser for these people. It must be difficult to be ethically challenged so raising money to help these unfortunates with their legal fees is a way for me to give back to the little people. It’s also good for my image and I get a huge tax break!

So on Wednesday night I had my first Pity Our Online Psychos fund raiser at my dear friend, Donatella’s mansion. Since Donatella was already having a party, I didn’t have to spend any money on invitations, booze or food! 

The featured ethically challenged person designated to benefit from my generosity is Ms. Vinnie Spina. Most of you know that Vinnie is a former lawyer who was disbarred back in 2008 for embezzling money from one of her clients. The judge didn’t like that so along with the disbarment, punitive and compensatory damages, she owes $998, 535.13. Almost a million bucks! 

But that’s a different issue. Right now Vinnie is in court being sued by the Lawyers’ Fund of New Jersey for $339,738. The Lawyers’ Fund reimbursed some of Vinnie’s clients who also got their escrow accounts emptied out by Vinnie and apparently Vinnie didn’t understand that she was supposed to pay the Lawyer’s Trust back. She hasn’t repaid a penny on what she owes in the last 7 years so now she’s being sued.

As a way to raise funds for my fund raiser at Donatella’s, I sold tequila jello shots for a penny a shot. I made a ton of money! Donatella has a lot of celebrity friends who like jello! By the end of the night I raked in $7.35 !!!

That’s the good news. 

The bad news is I had to help get Donatella to bed, she had way too many jello shots! I asked Vinnie to watch the jello shot stand while I was gone. By the time I tucked Donatella in and got back to the fund raiser Vinnie and the money were gone!  

Oh well, I’ll declare the loss on my tax return.

Anyway, Sue Basko also came to the fund raiser. Sue is a very famous lawyer who was sued this summer for defamation and stuff. Her co-defendant was a juggling stilt walker. They lost the case at first but I think they won on appeal. Sue really knows how to drag out a case and wear the plaintiff out!

I tried to invite former World Class Hacker #4, JoJo Camp, to the fund raiser but he’s in jail for trying to strangle a mime. Yes, a mime. 

Forty years ago, there were so many mimes on the streets and in the parks that they were a public menace. JoJo would have been a hero for strangling one then! But over the years mimes have become an endangered species so strangling them is now frowned upon.

JoJo goes to court tomorrow (Friday) for mime abuse charges and hopefully he’ll be sentenced to a long Time Out.

About to happen soon is a ruling on a subpoena to GoDaddy to give up information about the domains owned by Bullyville that were stolen by serial stalker, Tom Retzlaff. It seems Retzlaff walked right into the GoDaddy offices in Arizona and used fake papers to get the domains put into his name. The subpoena were filed by private investigator Phil Klein in his lawsuit against Retzlaff. And in response, Retzlaff filed a motion to quash as did his co-defendant, Jeffrey Dorrell. If that name sounds familiar, yes, he’s Neal Rauhauser’s attorney in the lawsuit with Bullyville and he’s being sued.

As for Bullyville, he has appealed the unconstitutional and silly decision in the lawsuit with Rauhauser. That appeal probably won’t start until November.  Meanwhile, Neal is 12 years behind on his child support and owes $73,204.45 to the state of Nebraska.

Coming up in October is the much anticipated preliminary hearing for Donald Trump in the alleged rape of a 13 year old girl in 1994. That preliminary hearing is on October 14th. I’m expecting Trump’s lawyer to delay the hearing again.

Also sometime in October is Josh Garza’s trial. He’s being sued for $10 million by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Garza was the CEO of the defunct GAWminers and PayCoin who bilked thousands of people out of cash with his schemes. So far he’s been stalling the SEC but I think October is the deadline. It’s doubtful he’ll show up.

Also happening right now, but very slowly, is a civil suit against Garza. Also among the defendants is Stuart Fraser who was once a Vice President of Cantor Fitzgerald and gave credibility to Garza’s ponzi scheme. He’s no longer listed as a Cantor Fitzgerald employee and his LinkedIn account has disappeared.

Last but certainly not least, is Doug Spink’s trial. Doug is the co founder of Cryptostorm and well known for his intimate relationships with animals. Doug went a bit nuts one night and ran around the streets wearing nothing but a towel and shooting a gun. He’ll be going back to prison.

I think that’s all the cases at this time. Oh, except for the lawsuit that former Maryland Deputy District Attorney, Marcie Sweren Wogan, says she’s going to file against me. But I think she was just crabby cuz she was out of oxycodone. 

I’ll report more on the individual cases as they come up. And my next fund raiser!