Trump Gets Schooled In Church

Once again Donald Trump jeopardized the tax exempt status of a church by making a political speech from the pulpit. He did this twice in Flint so for whatever reason Pastor Faith Green Timmon interrupted Trump, she was absolutely correct in doing so.

A Church is classified as 501c3 tax exempt organization and has very specific rules about what activities can or cannot take place within the church. Any 501c3 organization breaking the rules can get fined or even lose their tax exemption. 

It’s hard to believe the Trump campaign staff can be so ignorant of the rules on political campaigning, particularly since Trump campaign CEO was the CEO of his own non profit. But then, from what I’ve seen of Bannon’s non profit, it’s more likely a case of just ignoring the rules. It’s no skin off Trump’s nose if some Black church in Michigan loses their tax exempt status.