Yes! The Trump Campaign Is Outsourcing Overseas

Yes, Mr America First, he who wants to keep jobs in America, is outsourcing demographic research for his campaign by using a company based in England.

Cambridge Analytica is a new high tech data gathering business owned by billionaire Robert Mercer but it’s based in England. In fact, Cambridge Analytica were consultants for the LEAVE campaign behind Brexit.  

In America, Mercer and his daughter, Becky, wanted Cruz as president so Cambridge Analytica was used by Keep The Promise #1 to aid Cruz in his campaign. Not surprisingly, Keep The Promise #1 was backed by Robert Mercer.

After Cruz dropped out, the PAC continued using CA to oppose Hillary Clinton but then Ivanka Trump and her hubby talked to the PAC and got Keep The Promise to back Trump for president. The PAC agreed, and changed it’s name to Make America Number 1.  It 

Considering all the changes in Trump’s campaign that soon followed, I think the PAC had some strings attached…

But in any case, besides Mercer’s PAC using Cambridge Analytica, Trump’s campaign has also started paying them. Trump is actually outsourcing for his campaign. 

Cambridge Analytica sounds creepy. As of August of 2016 the population of America was around 324 million people and Cambridge Analytica claims it has data on 220 million of us. That’s very disturbing. Supposedly the data analysis that Analytica comes up with can be used by the Trump campaign to influence voters at an unconscious level.  

We collect up to 5,000 data points on over 220 million Americans, and use more than 100 data variables to model target audience groups and predict the behavior of like-minded people. -Cambridge Analytica

I didn’t know I even had 5,000 data points but I can’t think of any that could be used to get me to vote for Trump but then, I’m not a sheeple.

I must point out the difference in addresses given for Cambridge Analytica. The Wales Alley address in Virginia is one of the mailing addresses in the United States listed on the Cambridge Analytica website. The Wilshire Boulevard address is for a CPA firm, Freemark Financial, which was mentioned in The Rape Of Hillary Clinton. Freemark is also the accountant firm used by Stephen Bannon for his movie production studio. And also used by the mysterious new production company, Glittering Steel.

Glittering Steel shared production credits on the Clinton Cash documentary with Bannon’s production studio and was making videos for Cruz. Now, like Cambridge Analytica, it’s making videos for Trump. This is, of course, all random coincidence.

It is also coincidence that Stephen Bannon has a history with Steves Rodriguez (shown below, he’s the rat like guy on the left) that goes back to 1990.

Oh, the address is also used as a corporate address for Breitbart News. Stephen Bannon was Executive Director of Breitbart News until stepping down to become chairman of Trump’s campaign. 

Hmmm, I wonder who runs Glittering Steel?

The Trump campaign itself started paying Cambridge Analytica in August of 2016 after the staff shakeup.

Trump Campaign paid $100,000 to Cambridge Analytics in early August
250,000 paid to Cambridge Analytica by Trump’s Campaign on August 18th

The charges below are from the FEC website, it shows payments made by Make America Number 1 to Cambridge Analytica earlier this year for the Cruz campaign.

This is an expanded chart of payments made by Make America Number 1 before and after the name change. I guess Glittering Steel payments show up because they were sent to the same address: accounting firm, Freemark Financial.

Clicking on graphic will open it to a larger size.
Clicking on graphic will open it to a larger size.

Note the unusual spelling of Steves Rodriguez in the graphic from Freemark’s website. The same Steves Rodriguez has been the registered agent for at least 3 of Bannon’s business ventures. He’s the bald guy below.

The Wilshire address is also used by Breitbart News Network LLC. Stephen Bannon was the Executive Director of Breitbart News until he stepped down to become Trump’s Campaign CEO

This post was another in a series of articles evolving from an investigation into Stephen Bannon’s nonprofit organization, the Government Accountability Institute.