The Torrid Truth of Alicia Machado

Donald does seem to enjoy taking pot shots at women and minorities but in attacking Alicia Machado, Donald has opened his big mouth wide enough for both feet. Miss Piggy aka MissHousekeeping isn’t going to take his caca.

Certainly being crowned as Miss Universe enhanced Machado’s career but since then her achievements over the last twenty years have been her own and quite impressive despite Dirty
Donny trying to paint her as being the worst Miss Universe ever, a porn star, and a fat, trouble maker.  

In reality, Alicia Machado is a celebrity to Latin Americans if not to Donald Trump. Since winning the Miss Universe crown she’s appeared on the covers of more than 100 international magazine covers including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, Hola, People, Cosmopolitan and Playboy. She’s been part of 35 international ad campaigns for such companies as Budweiser, Danone Light, Kellogs, McDonalds, Pantene, and Snapple.
At the same time, Ms Machado has had a long and successful career as an actress in television, film, and theater. Twenty years ago, Ms Machado established herself as an actress in Samantha, a Venezuelan telenovela, which led to more television roles and expanded into film and theater.

In addition, Alicia was nominated for a Grammy and a Billboard Award for her first album.

And there’s her successful beauty and fashion product line available in the US and Mexico.

And Alicia still finds time to do charity work and has her own nonprofit to help single mothers called Mamis Solas.

So maybe she isn’t a billionaire but it sounds like Alicia Machado is doing okay financially and in life. Like an Ivanka Trump but more successful and without the rich, rude, daddy.

One of her most recent accomplishments was to become a United States citizen in May. She started campaigning for Hillary Clinton in June. 

Of course, Donald knows none of this because Alicia’s success didn’t happen in English. Had he bothered to check her out, he might have thought twice before attempting to assassinate her character with accusations of a sex tape and “a past”. 

Though alleged to have been the driver of a getaway car after a murder in 1998, Alicia’s alibi of filming a tv show, was hard to dispute so there was insufficient evidence for an indictment. As for a sex tape, nobody seems to know anything about that except Trump at this time. 

Trump’s accusations are pretty low but they’re typically Trump. Any dirt he digs up on Alicia Machado isn’t going to hurt her career and certainly won’t cancel out his shaming her in the past for her weight and ethnicity.

If you’ve raised kids or been around them for any length of time, you’ve seen behavior like Trump’s before.