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Tunde Reid-Kapo Interview at GenCon 2014

Tunde Reid-Kapo is the individual behind the attempted frame of Julian Assange using the website. The video below the break shows him being interviewed at GenCon about his Yamie Chess game. Reid-Kapo is essentially a conman as well as a bit truth challenged. In the video below the break he’s promoting his Yamie chess game and claims Jennifer Shahade

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Troll Your Own, Siggy’s Publicist In Action; 2016 #RHONJ

UPDATE January 17, 2018: Vinnie Spina became the publicist for RHONJ cast member Siggy Flicker and using the same trolling tactics. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was very surprised when I discovered Vinnie Spina and her husband Patrick ran for public office this summer.  On the other hand, being candidates for the New Jersey Republican Committee officially made them public figures, so their

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Todd And Clare, Julian Assange And The Duchess Of Cornwall

In case you missed it, the short version of the Assange-Wikileaks-Pedophile scandal is:  the owners of a dating website called contacted Julian Assange and offered him a million dollars if he’d do a commercial for them. Assange’s attorney turned them down and not long afterward Todd and Clare sent a letter to the United Nations. In their long, rambling

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