The Hitman Of Hanszen Laporte

Well, well, well…

Who would think that Neal Rauhauser’s attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, the “very well respected, First Amendment specialist who argued a case before the Supreme Court” would be caught perjuring himself? 

And who would ever think that Mr Dorrell, a partner in the law firm, Hanszen Laport, would also be a partner with Thomas Retzlaff, convicted felon, rapist, serial stalker, revenge pornographer and conman? 

As reported here, Retzlaff managed to steal several internet domains from GoDaddy. These domains were named in sanctions awarded to Neal Rauhauser in the Texas lawsuit between Bullyville and Rauhauser, however the lawsuit is on appeal so it isn’t over. Yet Attorney Dorrell and his crony, Retzlaff decided to take the law into their own hands and take the domains.

Though Dorrell has claimed in affidavits to the court that he doesn’t know Retzlaff, in truth he contacted him via email and had Retzlaff act as his agent in stealing the internet domains. 

Not so coincidentally, Retzlaff and Dorrell are defendants in a lawsuit in Texas filed by a private investigator named Phil Klein. Klein alleges the defendants have been working in collusion for years to harass and defame him. Mr Klein actually uses one of the posts here on IronTroll as one bit of evidence of the harassment and collusion.

As part of the discovery in his lawsuit, Klein’s lawyer, John Morgan, filed subpoena’s to get GoDaddy to give up the details on how the domains were stolen. GoDaddy was very willing to cooperate but both Dorrell and Retzlaff filed motions to quash. 

And so emails between GoDaddy, Retzlaff and Dorrell were released along with a phone call made by Retzlaff to GoDaddy. The emails can be seen at Bullyville here and the phone call between Retzlaff and GoDaddy is here.

I don’t know how this will affect the appeal in the Bullyville/Rauhauser case but it most definitely will have an impact…and not a good one for Neal or Jeffrey Dorrell.

As for Retzlaff, he still doesn’t believe the FBI have been investigating him. He thinks he’s bulletproof.