Mime Chat; A Conversation With JoJo

photo: Gates Frontiers Fund Colorado Collection within the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

Curiously prophetic, the mime in the photo above is JoJo Camp’s actual victim though that isn’t JoJo strangling her. The picture was taken in July of 2015. 

Below is a conversation I had in June with the mime whose career JoJo was managing. At the time, JoJo issued a challenge online that he bet nobody could guess where he was. I knew where he was so I tweeted his mime client and asked her to tell JoJo that I knew he was in Las Vegas. 

Lucky for me that mimes can tweet even though they don’t talk. She and I had a brief conversation and then she asked for a Direct Message conversation. That proved to be interesting, especially how “she” capitalized the first letter of every word in her DMs like JoJo! And bragged about all the important things going on in JoJo’s life even though I didn’t ask…

JoJo is not very good at social engineering.