Vinnie Is Fund Raising Chair For Fort Lee GOP; UPDATED Oct 15

UPDATE Oct 15: The name, Vinnie Spina, no longer appears on the Fort Lee GOP website but I don’t know if she’s still their fundraising chair.


Being the upstanding citizens they are, Vinnie and her husband, Patrick, both ran for the Republican Committee in their county.  That was in June of this year. They both like Trump.

I don’t think either of them won, but Vinnie did somehow end up as fundraising chair for the Fort Lee GOP aka the United Republican Club of Fort Lee, New Jersey. 

Can you imagine having as chairman of a fund raising committee someone who was disbarred for embezzling half a million dollars from her clients and currently being sued by the New Jersey Lawyers Trust to collect money she owes them?

Did Fort Lee GOP elect her to this post?

I let them know via their FaceBook page, Fort Lee GOP might want to count their pennies.