Vinnie Loses Fund Raising Job. She Is Mad

After having been disbarred in 2008, Vincenza “Vinnie” Leonelli Spina is now being sued by the New Jersey Lawyer’s Fund to recover money they paid to Spina’s former clients when she was disbarred. The NJ Lawyers Fund reimbursed $325,000 to Vinnie’s clients for money that disappeared from escrow accounts entrusted to Vinnie. 

So naturally I was shocked to see that Vinnie was the Fundraising Chair for the Fort Lee GOP and contacted them to see if they were aware of Spina’s history of misappropriation of funds.

I’m happy to say that Ms Spina is no longer mentioned in connection with Fort Lee GOP but I don’t know if they just removed her name or actually removed her from her position as Chair.

In any case, Vinnie is mad. She reported me to Trump’s NJ coordinator (Governor Christie?) for something. I guess she told them I made a threat against Donald Trump. She’s also bothered by me being gay ( no confusion, no ex-wife, no problems)

LMAO nice try, Vinnie. I hope you made that threat something good.