Dr Doom Talks To Brandon; 2013

The following is from a pastebin posted in 2013 by Doctor Doom for Brandon King to consider. Brandon was doxed and, as some sort of weird strategic move,  started posting fail doxes of other people. 

Brandon hasn’t changed much. He currently has another dox site where he posts doxes of people that are mean to him. The Troll Dox site was originally registered by Brandon and Vinnie Spina but after they were outed as the owners the domain registration was made private.


 I’ve remained largely silent during this whole “d0x war” but I think enough is enough and I’m going to go ahead and speak my mind. My opinion may not sit well with some of you, but please know I got nuthin’ but love for you. This isn’t personal and in fact, it shouldn’t even have the opportunity TO BE personal because none of us are supposed to know who each others identity. If you are going to engage in this type of activism, you MUST be anonymous (big “A” or little “a”). To do otherwise puts yourself, your family, your fellow activists and whatever your operation is in danger.

Everybody makes mistakes. If you, as an activist, discover that you made an error in your operational security and your real-life identity has been uncovered, you have a responsibility to yourself, your family and your fellow activists to quietly deactivate your account. You need to disappear. I understand that isn’t an easy thing to do, but that’s the nature of the beast. You can always come back with a different identity a few weeks later and continue your work…it IS about the work, right? Which brings me to B_King-

I’m going to talk directly to B_King for a moment; Brandon, a week or two ago, you found out YOU had a hole in your OWN OPSEC and that your identity was discovered. Had you done as I suggested, you and some other Anons came up with an elaborate to “leak” a bunch of fake d0xs, hoping that YOUR OWN d0x would be deemed a forgery as well once it came out that all these d0x’s were in fact, fake. This plan started a chain of events that eventually lead to the so-called “d0x-war”, lead to an innocent “civilian” getting accused of doing something that an Anon did and possibly losing her JOB, lead to weirdo political people targeting other activists, which lead all these crazy people harassing BullyVille and his family which is going to ultimately result in BullyVille acting in a diminished capacity or possibly leaving Twitter all together.

All of this…for what? What was ultimately accomplished? It certainly didn’t stop B_King identity from coming out. It didn’t stop him from going up on SeriousModes pintrest page, along with a picture of his child. It didn’t stop the pedophiles over at boychat.net from talking about “Brandon C King of San Antonio, Texas. What it did was send everyone into chaos. What it did was forced good activists, INCLUDING B_KING by the way, from doing what we do.

So what do you think would have happened if B_King would have simply deactivated when he discovered that his identity was out? Not a goddamn thing, that’s what. He would have disappeared and that would have been it. After all, how interesting is it to talk about somebody’s d0x when that “somebody” no longer exists? It would have been a TINY blip on the radar and that would have been it. No d0x-war, no halt in operations, no three-year-old boy up on Pintrest, no pedophiles over at boychat talking about Brandon and his LITTLE BOY. Nothing. And in fact, Brandon could have been back under a new id by now continuing his work.

Because in the end, it’s all about the work. Isn’t it?