Tunde Reid-Kapo Interview at GenCon 2014

Tunde Reid-Kapo is the individual behind the attempted frame of Julian Assange using the ToddandClare.com website. The video below the break shows him being interviewed at GenCon about his Yamie Chess game.

Reid-Kapo is essentially a conman as well as a bit truth challenged. In the video below the break he’s promoting his Yamie chess game and claims Jennifer Shahade designed it but he didn’t meet Shahade until 2013 and the games been around since 2010. 

Tunde has been marketing Yamie Chess since he created his company in England. His business went through 4 name changes until it closed in 2013. It’s presumed Tunde moved to the United States in 2012 or early 2013.

The video shows how verbose Tunde is, similar to his PR notices you can still find (like here) on the internet and his emails to the United Nations using the name Hannah Hammond. Those emails offering Assange a million dollars can be found via Google cache here.

Julian Assange can, and probably should, file a civil lawsuit against Reid-Kapo. And I imagine the state of Texas might be interested in Reid-Kapo as well since he used a Houston address for ToddAndClare.com  and mentions a Houston bank had the million dollars. Texas has strict laws against online impersonation to commit fraud.

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