Vinnie Self Doxes…Again

I wanted to know how someone who was disbarred for misappropriating client funds ended up as the fund raising chair of the Fort Lee GOP so I sent an email to Judith Fisher, the woman who appointed Vinnie Spina to that position.

I didn’t get a reply from Judith but what a surprise to see that the next day Twitter account, @A1_Buckwheat mentioned the email.  I guess rather than reply to me, Judith decided to forward the email to Vinnie. 

Except @A1_Buckwheat claims she’s not Vinnie even though she’s screwed up several times and outed herself.

Vinnie Spina is currently being sued by the New Jersey Lawyer Fund to recover $300,000 they paid out to reimburse the clients that Vinnie screwed over. Her jury trial will most likely start next summer but right now the lawsuit is still in the midst of 300 days of discovery. 

It’s really not a good time for Vinnie to be trolling and outing herself. 

Since Judith won’t answer my questions and her husband, Eric Fisher, is the president of the Fort Lee GOP, I’ll just ask somebody else.

This is Vinnie aka @A1_Buckwheat’s tweet. I’ve only used the phrase “investigative blogger” a couple of times in my life. The email to Judith was one of them.

This is a copy of my email sent via hushmail to Judith Fisher, the municipal chair of the Fort Lee GOP.