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Andrew Breitbart Involved In #PizzaGate Pedo Ring

The Alt Right has been all aflutter with their latest Conspiracy Theory called pizzagate. This is an alleged pedophile ring composed of elite politicians that’s centered around a pizza parlor. The political pedos use food names as code words to discuss their hobby. The really delicious thing about pizzagate is that it’s a conspiracy theory with conspiracy theories!  The Alt

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How To Report A New Jersey Lawyer For Unethical Conduct

Those of you keeping up with the Vinnie Spina Saga are aware that in the recent court case Sodini v Spina, Greg Sodini stated that disbarred lawyer, Vinnie Spina, was sharing office space with her lawyer husband, Patrick. This was a major violation of Vinnie’s disbarment terms and Patrick Spina knowingly helped her do it.  The Sodini lawsuit also showed

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Brandon Bots; Updated July, 2018

Below you’ll find most of Brandon’s past and present Twitter and Gab accounts and their current status. Update for July: Now he’s at @obviously_a_bot which has already been locked by Twitter twice for being abusive. We’ll see if this one lasts until the lawsuit is filed by Luzanne Otte and her attorney Lin Wood. Update June 14th: Brandon’s main account, @dirtreyn0lds,

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Lostutter Pleads Guilty

Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous pleaded guilty to illegally accessing a computer and lying to an FBI agent. He’ll be formally sentenced in March, 2017.  Don’t Blame Me@irontrollblog · 1m1 minute ago @Hedge76 @ViceAnonNews check out timelines of @AnarchyWaltz and @ThomasOlsenPops and  for truth about kyanonymous Deric Lostutter EXPOSED – Documenting the Truth About Deric Lostutter aka… 0 replies0 retweets0 likes

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Dear LexisNexis, About That Vinnie…

On November 4th, Vinnie and Patrick Spina lost another lawsuit involving misappropriation of funds amongst other charges. This lawsuit was filed by Patrick Spina’s former law partner, Greg Sodini, who was screwed over by the Spinas (you can read that lawsuit courtesy Bullyville here).  A very interesting statement in the Sodini lawsuit was that Mr Sodini verified that Vinnie Spina was

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@YourAnonNews Sets The Record Straight On 0Hour1, October 2016

There’s a new conspiracy racing around Twitter and Reddit. Something about pizza and pedophiles. It’s goofy. It’s source is, once again, the right wing nug job, Anon wannabe, @0Hour aka @AltRights.  This guy is like the MacGyver of Conspiracy Theories. Give him two completely unrelated rumors and he’ll tie them together into something sinister and secret and swear it’s factual.

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