Trump Child Rape Victim Drops Suit After AltRight Attacks

Trump child rape victim, Katie J, dropped her lawsuit against Donald Trump days after backing out of a press conference because of death threats. The death threats coincided with Denial of Service attacks on the website of attorney, Lisa Bloom.

It’s unfortunate, Katie had recently added high powered attorneys, Evan Goldman and Cheney Mason to her lawsuit against Trump and Jeffrey Epstein. It looked like she was planning on a trial rather than settle out of court.

Coinciding with the death threats were Denial of Service attacks on the website of Lisa Bloom, who had planned on live streaming the press conference. The DOS attacks caused to crash. Claiming credit for the attack was @0HOUR1___ , a goofy Anon Wannabe who has a history of passing rumors, speculation, innuendo, and photoshopped pictures, off as “news”.

However, the Daily Mail did an interview with Katie J before the scheduled press conference. It includes pictures. The link to that interview is here

Lisa Bloom ‏@LisaBloom 14h14 hours ago

Jane Doe instructed us to dismiss her lawsuit against Trump and Epstein today. Tough week for her. We wish her well.

Thank you kindly.

Thank you. So many of you have been powerfully kind.

Every woman makes her own own choice about what is best for her. Life’s a journey. Most of us get stronger as we get older. I respect women.

‰ HØÛ® ¹ ‏@WashedUpKids Apr 1

All those involved in #OPTRUMP we have sent you’re real IP & Doxx to the @FBI when we warned you we were not bluffing #Anonymous NWH Bye!