Cryptostorm Founder, Doug Spink, Sentenced To Prison… Again

Doug Spink was originally scheduled to go to trial on November 10th but the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania decided to ignore Spink’s history of drug smuggling, bestiality animal abuse, intentional parole violations, and arson. They dismissed the fact that in his latest escapade he had a gun and fired it when, as a convicted felon, he isn’t supposed to be anywhere near a gun. 

And Claire Spink, Doug’s mother, convinced the court to drop 3 of the felony charges that involved her. Claire is the poster child for enabling and denial. She said “He never threatened me or assaulted me or whatever. He would never do that. He’s not capable of it”. 

Right. Doug broke into her bedroom at 2 in the morning, stole her gun, they struggled and the gun went off twice. But he’s a good boy.

So between Mommy Spink and plea bargaining between attorney’s, Doug pleaded guilty to 3 charges and all the rest were dismissed. That’s 3 out of 22 charges, the other 19 were dismissed including all the felonies. It’s almost criminal what the courts will do to get out of the expense of a trial.

On November 2nd Doug had a sentencing hearing for his 3 misdemeanors. He’ll serve two years and then a year or two of probation. 

The two years in prison are mandatory, thankfully, but considering Doug’s past I can guarantee he’ll violate his parole. That’s what he does. And he’ll be back at the Virtual Private Network, Cryptostorm, in some capacity but under an alias. That’s also what he does.

I’m all for giving people a second chance but Spink has had more than his share of second chances. He’s been arrested 4 times in the last year, has a warrant for his arrest in the state of Washington, and the remorse he shows the judge is an act.

And from Cryptostorm?  Nothing. Crickets. Doug who?