JoJo Camp Uncovers International Mime Extortion Ring

You probably never heard of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, before JoJo Camp was arrested there, but it turns out Wheat Ridge is part of an evil extortion ring that is under investigation by a multinational task force which includes DHS, FBI, MI5, MI6, Scotland Yard, and Interpol.

This is according to JoJo, who’s been in jail for months now but has managed to discover that top secret information about JoJo was given to an attorney in Florida and her client in California. The attorney he refers to is probably Kirsten O, who has a restraining order against JoJo for stalking. And the client might be Bullyville’s, James McGibney, except he’s not Kirsten’s client because she’s only licensed to practice law in Florida. 

JoJo gets confused about lawyers and jurisdiction because his extensive pro bono legal team, Sue Basko, practices law on Twitter and the internet. It also sounds like Sue Basko is part of that multinational task force investigating the extortion. I look forward to seeing the results of Basko’s investigation on all the major news networks.

As for JoJo’s application for the Federal Witness Protection program, I think if accepted they’d give him a new identity and make him disappear forever…so I say YES!