GreenMitera and Rauhauser Conversation, May, 2014

The conversation below is between the very wise @GreenMitera and Neal Rauhauser with his @OccupyUnmasked sock. The exchange took place in 2014 at the point when the lawsuit against Bullyville’s, James McGibney, and Neal Rauhauser was supposed to end…except the inept Judge Cosby forgot to render a decision. 

Because of Cosby’s error, Neal lost by default which lead to Neal’s appeal which ended with another colossal error by Cosby who awarded Neal a million dollar judgment which was, of course, appealed and whittled down to $150,000, which prompted Tom Retzlaff and Rauhauser’s attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, to defraud GoDaddy and steal the rauhauser web domains, which brings us to the here and now with an appeal to a higher court by McGibney and Bullyville to begin next week.

Hopefully, this appeal will be short and sweet with Rauhauser getting nothing and his attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, getting stuck with Neal’s $300,000 legal fees.

As the conversation begins, Neal is referencing an FBI investigation that occurred after an apparent threat against the Buffalo FBI was made on Twitter. 
The threat in question was actually made by Tina B and it wasn’t a threat against the FBI at all, she was threatening to go to the FBI and make a report. In any case, Neal Rauhauser’s buddies, Matt Osborne (editor of BreitbartUnmasked) and RJ Sterling both had the FBI knocking on their door. Other than Tina B, nobody else was interviewed.

Occupy Unmasked @OccupyUnmasked ・25 May 2014

.@JamesMcGibney our interviews were 2nd week of April. They just started on your trolls last week?

BriBe @Br1B3 ・25 May 2014

@OccupyUnmasked @JamesMcGibney Nobody has been interviewed by the FBI except you.

kaza @greenmitera ・25 May 2014

@Br1B3 @OccupyUnmasked @JamesMcGibney I thought Neal was going to stay quiet until after hearing so nothing he says can be used against him.

Occupy Unmasked @OccupyUnmasked ・25 May 2014

.@greenmitera :: @JamesMcGibney knows ppl are getting interviewed, victims & accomplices. No investigation target puts that in a motion 🙂

kaza @greenmitera ・25 May 2014

@OccupyUnmasked @JamesMcGibney well you both know more than I do. I was referencing what you said. Did McGibney_Files go to the hearing?

kaza @greenmitera ・25 May 2014

@OccupyUnmasked Since Qritiq is no longer available for comment, can you pass on a statement from her? I imagine she is a bit rattled?

Occupy Unmasked @OccupyUnmasked ・25 May 2014

@greenmitera 5/21 hearing was just my lawyer, McGibney’s lawyer. Two hours oral arguments, they’ll finish /w written hearing around mid June

kaza @greenmitera ・25 May 2014

@OccupyUnmasked He said he was going, then only stated he obtained the paperwork, odd for him to have that kind of access, ongoing and all.

Occupy Unmasked @OccupyUnmasked ・25 May 2014

@greenmitera Haven’t heard from Lane since summer 2013. I suppose we’d provide each other mutual affidavits to that effect if needed.

kaza @greenmitera ・25 May 2014

@OccupyUnmasked That is interesting, since tweets and comments in blogs appear to present otherwise.

kaza @greenmitera ・25 May 2014

@OccupyUnmasked Is it true that you all stay quiet when someone like PrisonForBill surfaces because you think the troll may be an ally?

kaza @greenmitera ・25 May 2014

@OccupyUnmasked then are relieved when you find out that is not the case? The obscure threat on Buffalo turned out to be from Ottawa.

Occupy Unmasked @OccupyUnmasked ・25 May 2014

@greenmitera That depends on a conspiracy theory which states that I run every Twitter account /w an IQ over room temperature.

kaza @greenmitera ・25 May 2014

@OccupyUnmasked I won’t argue the point.

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