How To Report A New Jersey Lawyer For Unethical Conduct

Those of you keeping up with the Vinnie Spina Saga are aware that in the recent court case Sodini v Spina, Greg Sodini stated that disbarred lawyer, Vinnie Spina, was sharing office space with her lawyer husband, Patrick. This was a major violation of Vinnie’s disbarment terms and Patrick Spina knowingly helped her do it. 

The Sodini lawsuit also showed that Vinnie isn’t the only one who’s been dipping fingers into other people’s money. Through the years, Patrick Spina has been no innocent bystander. Now it’s time to inform the New Jersey Bar Association about Patrick’s extracurricular activities on the internet.

It’s within the realm of possibilities that Patrick was helping Vinnie operate her blog and Twitter accounts. The bogus DMCA (copyright violation) complaints sent out via email with Patrick’s law office letterhead were also most likely done with his knowledge. It’s also possible that Patrick used his LexisNexis account to supply Vinnie with personal information on people she didn’t like.

If you have evidence or knowledge of Patrick Spina’s involvement in unethical activities or just wish to complain about his conduct, please file a grievance with the Office of Attorney Ethics.

The Office of Attorney ethics asks that you be specific in your grievance, providing names and addresses of all witnesses, dates, and pertinent documentation to serve as a basis for further investigation.

The Attorney Grievance form is here. It’s a PDF file you can fill out online and then print out. 

YOU NEED TO PRINT 3 COPIES and send them all to the district secretary at the following address:

Nina C. Remson, Secretary
1 Bergen Plaza, 3rd Floor
Hackensack, NJ 07601 
(201) 336-6981

Here’s the link to the Office of Attorney Ethics website if you need more information.