Andrew Breitbart Involved In #PizzaGate Pedo Ring

The Alt Right has been all aflutter with their latest Conspiracy Theory called pizzagate. This is an alleged pedophile ring composed of elite politicians that’s centered around a pizza parlor. The political pedos use food names as code words to discuss their hobby. The really delicious thing about pizzagate is that it’s a conspiracy theory with conspiracy theories! 

The Alt Right have decided Andrew Breitbart was murdered because he stumbled onto the secret of pizzagate. And Infowars reported the coronor who performed the autopsy died from arsenic poisoning. We can all ignore that Breitbart was mildy obese and suffered from congestive heart failure and his cause of death was ruled as heart failure. And we’ll ignore that the forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy, Dr. Juan Carrillo, is very much alive and performing autopsies for the Dept of the Medical Examiner for Los Angeles County. 

In fact we’ll just ignore all facts in order to have some breaking PizzaGate news! has uncovered startling evidence that Andrew Breitbart was intimately involved in what went on behind the scenes of pizzagate.

As a teenager, Andrew was heavily involved in “delivering pizza” which is internet pedo code for pimping young girls. 

Despite Breitbart’s apparent involvement in pizzagate, those on the Alt Right can take comfort knowing that Andrew wasn’t a hotdog pedo. No way. Andrew was strictly into pizza and cheese.

The following are known Pedophile code words. They are listed on the internet so it must be true. Andrew used some of these words frequently.

“hotdog” = boy
“pizza” = girl
“cheese” = little girl
“pasta” = little boy
“ice cream” = male prostitute
“walnut” = person of colour
“map” = semen
“sauce” = orgy

AndrewBreitbartVerified account ‏@AndrewBreitbart 5 Jun 2009

What crime against humanity can be attributed mainly to Hot Pockets and Stouffer’s Brand Deluxe French Bread Pizza?

AndrewBreitbartVerified account ‏@AndrewBreitbart 7 Nov 2009

Anyone remember this? Swamp Thing by Chameleons UK: I delivered many a pizza to this song in my Prelude in HS.

AndrewBreitbartVerified account ‏@AndrewBreitbart 14 Jan 2010

If mainstream media starts doing its job, I go back to delivering pizza. Isn’t that incentive enough, Pinch? @mmfa @nytimes

AndrewBreitbartVerified account ‏@AndrewBreitbart 29 May 2010

@krysilove the inventor of soft serve ice cream & the snowshoe were Caucasian. repent for your racism. embrace the other.

This isn’t so much @Mmfa territory than it’s Sid Blumenthal & Clintons. Will be interesting to watch strategy. Kill Messenger? Nuts n Sluts?

AndrewBreitbartVerified account ‏@AndrewBreitbart 6 Jul 2011

If I commission top artist to make two @ericboehlert ‘Sad Clown’ paintings would you accept one as gift for the Map Room? #AskObama

AndrewBreitbartVerified account ‏@AndrewBreitbart 2 Jul 2011

Did I just dream that @EricBoehlert tweeted that my ‘nuts‘ tweeted ‘homo slurs’?

AndrewBreitbartVerified account ‏@AndrewBreitbart 4 Aug 2011

I delivered pizza in high school, asshole! @talace

AndrewBreitbartVerified account ‏@AndrewBreitbart 25 Sep 2011

How much fun would a @Lizardoid & EricBoehlert mixer be? With some punch, some cheese & maybe even some dancing!

AndrewBreitbartVerified account ‏@AndrewBreitbart 23 Nov 2011

Worked at burger joints at 15. Washed cars then too, Delivered pizza from 16-18. College only period w/out jobs. @warpublican

AndrewBreitbartVerified account ‏@AndrewBreitbart 29 Nov 2011

Well, his resume is far greater than ‘pizza manager’. An intellectually consistent @Toure would call you a ‘racist’. @LibDefender

AndrewBreitbartVerified account ‏@AndrewBreitbart 29 Dec 2011

And I would catch the spaghetti and show you how I juggle pasta – al dente only, of course. @haldash

AndrewBreitbartVerified account ‏@AndrewBreitbart 4 Jan 2012

But man’s bio is so swiss cheese without much cheese that he has earned the skepticism. Each and every day, more and more. @EricBoehlert

AndrewBreitbartVerified account ‏@AndrewBreitbart 16 Feb 2012

‘Fuckin former pizza delivery boy!’ shouts the great @zephyr1367! ‘Ah,’ I reply. ‘My after-high school job comes back to haunt me! Got me!’

AndrewBreitbartVerified account ‏@AndrewBreitbart 16 Feb 2012

I loved delivering pizza. Listened to KROQ, CDs, 91x and Dodger games. Great job for teen. @bfinstock @zephyr1367 @@AndrewBreitbart