Something’s Fishy In Fort Lee, New Jersey

I recently sent the email below to assorted individuals in New Jersey. Over a hundred emails thus far. Some of the recipients were politicians and political organizations-Republican and Democrat-at the city, county and state level like the Mayors office, city council members, the Board of Education…and a few reporters. Also a couple members of the New Jersey Bar Association.

And there was one email to the Department of Voter Intimidation.

I’m thinking it’s time to put an end to Vinnie Spina and Brandon King’s little smear and dox operation. I think there have been more than enough lawsuits that prove Vinnie and her husband, Patrick, should have absolutely no access to other people’s money. And neither should be practicing law. 

If Vinnie and Patrick are going to continue to run for public office then it’s up to LAW ABIDING citizens to ensure the citizens of New Jersey get full disclosure of the Spina’s habitual “misappropriation of funds”.

To Whom It May Concern:

You’d think Bridgegate would have taught New Jersey politicians that cover-ups and vindictive retaliation are not good strategic solutions. However, it seems the Fort Lee GOP hasn’t learned this lesson so let me preface this email by stating that any further retaliation by anyone connected to the Fort Lee GOP, or any of their friends, will be answered with my involving the appropriate authorities to take legal action against Fort Lee GOP. Voter Intimidation is also not a good strategic solution. And it’s a federal crime.

With that being said, I strongly urge a financial audit of the Fort Lee GOP. I tried to warn them that they had a potential problem with the individual they appointed as their fund raising chair but I was ignored and then harassed.

The fund raising chair for Fort Lee GOP is Vinnie Leonelli-Spina. While holding that post she was a defendant in two lawsuits involving misappropriated funds. One of the lawsuits was filed by the trustees of the New Jersey Lawyers Fund for Client Protection, the other was filed against Vinnie and her husband, attorney Patrick Spina by their former business partner.

I should mention that besides being appointed fundraising chair for Fort Lee GOP, Vinnie Leonelli-Spina and her husband, Patrick, were candidates to represent their county on the New Jersey Republican Committee. They were candidates at the same time they were being sued.

The Spina’s lost both lawsuits. The courts found that Vinnie Leonelli-Spina , knowingly misappropriated money entrusted to her by her clients. This isn’t the first time the courts have found Vinnie responsible for misappropriating money entrusted to her by clients.

Leonelli-Spina was sued by a retired police officer and found guilty of stealing his pension fund. Judgement in that case was nearly $800,000. Vinnie had malpractice insurance but her insurers refused to pay when the judge found Vinnie was also guilty of fraud.

Leonelli-Spina was eventually disbarred in 2008 by the New Jersey Supreme Court for, once again, knowingly misappropriating funds from several clients. By 2011, the New Jersey Lawyer’s Fund had paid out $330,000 to clients she ripped off.

After her disbarment, Vinnie attempted to avoid paying her court debt by declaring bankruptcy. This ended up before the New Jersey Supreme Court which ruled against Spina. It was also determined that she transferred her assets to her husband to avoid having them taken for payment of her debt.

Links to her lawsuits can be found below so you can check them for yourself. One lawsuit for misappropriation might be considered a bookkeeping mistake but three lawsuits and a disbarment show a pattern of behavior, if not a life style. But it doesn’t end there.

After her disbarment, Leonoelli-Spina deliberately violated the terms of her disbarment by continuing to share office space with her attorney husband, Patrick Spina. She was actually found to be working there under an assumed name.

Vinnie started an online blog called which eventually became a forum for her to post the private information of people she didn’t like. She’s affiliated with two more websites, and, where she and her webmaster, Brandon Charles King of Seguin, Texas, have posted the private information of 20 individuals, along with that of their children, for the purpose of harassment and intimidation.

Considering all the above, perhaps you can understand why I find it bizarre that Vinnie and Patrick Spina were allowed to run for any public office in New Jersey. And why I find it unbelievable that Vinnie Leonelli-Spina was appointed to a position involving money. Questioning how this came about isn’t unreasonable, yet I haven’t been given a straight answer and have been subjected to harassment for asking questions.

I managed to get the attention of council candidate, John Damato, on Twitter. He wasn’t aware of Spina’s history but issued a statement disavowing her abusive behavior. Damato was then mocked and verbally abused by several anonymous Twitter accounts, one of them known to belong to Vinnie Leonelli-Spina. That the fund raising chair for the Fort Lee GOP was trolling one of the candidates she was working to get elected is completely insane.

I also informed the Fort Lee GOP of Spina’s history via their Facebook page. They deleted my comment shortly after I posted it and then removed Leonelli-Spina’s name from the Fort Lee GOP website as if that solved the situation.

I wanted to find out if Spina herself had been removed so I contacted the Twitter account of Judith Fisher. Mrs Fisher is the Fort Lee GOP municipal chair, wife of Fort Lee GOP president, Eric Fisher and the person I was told who appointed Leonelli-Spina to the fund raising chair. I sent Mrs Fisher a tweet asking her why she appointed Vinnie. Mrs Fisher’s response was to completely delete her Twitter account.

I then sent an email to Judith Fisher to find out if Leonelli-Spina was still fund raising chair. Rather than reply, Mrs. Fisher forwarded my email to Leonelli-Spina and contents of my email were mentioned by the Twitter account known to belong to Vinnie Leonelli-Spina. She and her online friends then began trolling me, posting pictures of my deceased parents and deceased brother, along with their obituaries, while mocking them and me.

Keep in mind that this was the week before the presidential election. Vinnie and her friends also posted my voter registration information publicly on Twitter and accused me of committing voter fraud. They tweeted out links to a voter fraud report form encouraging people on Twitter to report me for voter fraud.

So this email is being sent in the hope of finding someone with the power to make sure Vinnie Leonelli-Spina is not holding any appointed post with the Fort Lee GOP and will not hold one in the future. I also hope to find someone who’ll call for an audit of Fort Lee GOP’s finances. If you read the assorted Spina court transcripts you’ll get an idea how she operates and how easily money may have been misappropriated. I also hope to find someone who can convince Vinnie that her interests are better served if she stays off the internet.

In any case, thanks for your time and attention. I hope you’ll take a bit more time to review the following links to the lawsuits against Vinnie Leonelli-Spina.

Yours sincerely,

aka Zile Ohai,

-The lawsuit filed by the NJ Lawyer Fund For Client Protection Link
-Misappropriation of Funds lawsuit against Vinnie And Patrick Spina filed by their former partner. Link
-The court transcript of Vinnie Spina’s disbarment for misappropriation of funds. Link
-This link is to a video tape of Vinnie Spina’s disbarment before the NJ Supreme Court Link
-Vincenza Leonelli-Spina Disbarment Order by NJ Supreme Court Link
-The Appellate Court Decision on Spina’s attempt to avoid paying her judgment by declaring bankruptcy Link
-This is an article about Vinnie Spina that appeared in the New Jersey Review Link
-A link to Bullyville’s site where a compilation of Vinnie Spina links can be found Link