Filing A Harassment Report, Part 2

Oh my goodness! I must have struck a couple nerves with yesterday’s post about reporting online harassment to the New Braunfels police department. When I signed online today I found that my Twitter account @IronTrollBlog suspended…Again… 

@IronTrollBlog was just unsuspended 3 days ago. Coincidentally, I was suspended shortly after the post How To Report  A New Jersey Attorney For Unethical Conduct was published. Vinnie was mad. I guess now Brandon is mad.

Twitter found there was no violation on my part with that first suspension so I imagine it will be the same for the current one.

Since I was only back on Twitter for 3 days I don’t think I had enough time to commit any Twitter Terms Of Service violation that could be suspension worthy.

But I’m not mad. Suspension isn’t that big a deal so if that’s the best they can do, I think it’s funny. Especially since Vinnie and Brandon are proving my case for me.  They think they’re scary and intimidating but they’re just pathetic goofballs.

So with that being said, below are some tips and screen caps that might be useful in filing a harassment report with the New Braunfels police department. 

I’ll update with more caps as I go through my files. There is certainly enough data to show that Brandon is a serial harasser.

According to court dockets, Brandon’s most recent address, as of last year, was 
1659 Honeysuckle Lane , New Braunfels, Tx. His girlfriend, Heather Martin, lives there also.

You may have to file two separate reports, one for Brandon King and one for Heather Martin. Heather is a newcomer to the Vinnie and Brandon drama but she’s the registered owner of some of Brandon’s domains, including one of the dox sites.

If you were one of the 20 people who were listed on trolldox or and need a screen capture of the dox page that Brandon posted on you, contact me at and I’ll send it to you.

In case you need to show that trolldox and were both harassment sites. The 2 screen captures below show that trolldox redirects to tr0llz,com

You may want to show that the domain was was suspended in 2015. 

Here are a few of Brandon’s websites registered under the name T&M Securities, one of the businesses he started with Vinnie. Note the top 2 domains.

And these sites are under his email 13webz address

Brandon as PirateLabCorp here has some interesting tweets