Trump And The Bull In The China Shop

Donald has claimed he doesn’t need or like lobbyists, that he can’t be bought and won’t be beholden to lobbyists. Donald Trump says he’ll be draining the swamp… but as we’re seeing in reality he’s giving out positions in his administration as rewards. 

Trump’s much talked about phone call to Taiwan was another example of how his actions aren’t matching up with his rhetoric. It turns out that the phone call was part of a 6 month lobbying effort by Taiwan using Bob Dole as their agent. 

While it would be great for the United States to acknowledge Taiwan and establish a mutually beneficial relationship, there’s a proper time to attempt to do that. The transition period between a change of administrations is not the time. 

Ignoring diplomatic channels and America’s official position on Taiwan wouldn’t be so bad if Trump knew what he was doing. And if the phone call wasn’t the result of professional lobbying by a retired politician being paid to negotiate on behalf of Taiwan.

America is in debt to China for over a trillion dollars. Considering Trump’s numerous bankruptcies and marriages, he should know that when you owe someone a lot of money you don’t start sleeping with their ex-wife. You don’t want to do anything that might piss them off and call in their loan.

Trump claims to be an outsider, clearly he’s no diplomat but he seems to be pretty good at reneging on his campaign promises and quite skilled at cronyism