Vinnie Suspended From Twitter

There have been a lot of Twitter suspensions lately. I was one of them but that’s never a big surprise to me. Because of Irontroll, I get reported a lot by the people I write about in this blog as well as the people who support them. And all their sock accounts.

But it was very delicious Karma to see that Vinnie Leonelli-Spina was suspended from Twitter last night. She has other sock accounts of course ( @FauxRealityM@W00pItUp , , and @KrupaWorld), but @A1_Buckwheat has been her main account for quite a while so I’m sure she’s pissed off.  

But seriously, she’s got other things to worry about these days. There are rumors that her husband, Patrick, may soon face discipline by the New Jersey Bar if not disbarred altogether. If that happens, the Spina’s  may have to resort to robbing banks instead of robbing their clients.