The King Of Trollocaust 2016

Though the media focused on abusive Alt Right accounts getting suspended from Twitter, the truth is that a lot of accounts have been disappearing lately that have nothing to do with the Alt Right, including mine. 

From the locked account of @gonzophd with it’s 10 tweets to @DrAyesha4 with 136,000 followers, there seems to be no sensible reason for the mass suspensions of Trollocaust 2016 other than an overly sensitive algorithm and the lack of enough actual humans working for Twitter.

In any case, taking advantage of the mass suspensions by claiming credit for them is Real Housewives wannabe, Brandon King. 

Brandon King, a self proclaimed hacker, who is most famous for hacking absolutely nothing is actually best known for being the tool of Vinnie Spina and for trying to become famous as the father of the “White kid that got sucker punched by the Black kid”.  If you read any of the articles in Infowars or Prison Planet where they quoted the Victim’s Father, that was Brandon! 

Since Brandon’s efforts to make his son’s attack front page news didn’t land him a movie deal or a recording contract, Brandon has moved on and is now claiming credit for the inexplicable acts of the Gods of Twitter. His magical hacking powers are causing all the suspensions.

Meanwhile Brandon’s list of sock puppets gets shorter and shorter. 

Hubris Brandon….hubris.