The Truth About Milo via Jack Schofield

Twitter is all abuzz over White Nationalist, Milo aka @Nero, getting a book deal with Simon and Schuster. 

It really shouldn’t be so shocking or upsetting that Milo is writing a book or that he was given a quarter million bucks as an advance. Milo works very hard at being controversial and that gets him attention which gets him fans who will buy his book. Milo lthrives on attention and he spends more time thinking up new ways he can shock people than he does on his hair. 

People like Milo, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson and Rush Limbaugh know that there’s a big market, and thus big money, in pandering to conservative issues and beliefs. So they’re provocative and controversial on purpose because it sells. It brings in the bucks.  

So don’t worry about the book. First, Milo has to write it. That will keep him busy for awhile. It’s a major undertaking and Milo doesn’t exactly have a good track record for following through on his commitments. It will be a year or two before the book is on the market.

Below is a short conversation I had with Jack Schofield with a few tidbits about Milo before Twitter killed my @bugaboogaloo account.


Jack has continued his research on Milo and found new information