Happy Belated Birthday Andie!

Dang it, I missed Andie’s birthday. She turned 51 just 10 days ago so she’s now over the half century mark. And still catfishing followers with her 25 year old avatar photo.
Andie made headlines earlier this year when she was the subject of a column at BBC.com. Her unique brand of racism has made her efamous across the internet and gained her a lot of like minded followers. 

Andie, who has a history of mental illness, loves the attention she gets by being a Troll on Twitter. She has a trash to treasure blog, Divine Theater, but that gets her nowhere near the amount of feedback as Twitter.

Like many trolls, Andie is deliberately provocative to entertain her followers. She’ll say something controversial to entice a response from someon, then carry on a diatribe until she blocks the other person and proclaims herself the winner of the debate.

Below is an example of this, Andie Pauly’s encounter with @ClarkHat, who was more than a match for her.