Sanguinarious and C1tyofFl1nt; October 2016

This thread from October of 2016 is short but says a lot. It starts with Sanguinarious aka William Welna, failed hacker and informant, making an accusation against well known and respected activist @C1TYofFL1NT. Joining in the conversation is a parody account of Welna calling itself @FatWillieWelna.

Not too long after this conversation, Flint was suspended by the Twitter gods. Sang and his new little friend, Brandon King, claimed they were responsible, which is odd considering the parody account @FatWillieWelna is still around and tweeting insults about Welna.

Of interest is the final screen capture showing direct messages by ChessieKatz aka Marcie Sweren Wogan talking about the website she had just registered. Sang was the web master for her site though he denied it. What Sang didn’t know is that Marcie gave her log in credentials to a couple other people.

Sang currently lives with Leigh aka StackizShort aka RetiredHandle. In the DMs, Marcie mentions that she loaned Leigh $700 (they’ve never met). Leigh is a psychic in Missouri. 

Obviously not a very good one.

Little Mark’s drama about being arrested and jailed by the feds, but yet is talking… on other social media places…. very curious
@GrandExaltedOne now that’s interesting. It’s too bad i don’t even know who you are sir.
@C1TYofFL1NT Thats not unusual when this troll starts his inane antics >@GrandExaltedOne
@FatWillieWelna why are you upset with who ever this is? > @GrandExaltedOne
@C1TYofFL1NT He’s rather angry I’m not playing the game piece he wanted going after people on the internet for him @FatWillieWelna
@GrandExaltedOne @C1TYofFL1NT Good to see you’ve graduated from begging for rent to conning old women tsk tsk tsk
6:15 AM – 25 Oct 2016