Sanguinarious Publicly Plans Hacking

For years Sang was a contributing member to the Zandali forum which was run by crazy Birther conspiracist, Joanne Joy and her gang of sock accounts. The Zandali site was dedicated to putting Neal Rauhauser in jail, but last year Sang rage quit the site and for some bizarre reason teamed up with Neal Rauhauser. 

These days Sang, like Rauhauser, spends time hanging out on serial stalker Tom Retzlaff’s blog to leave inane comments. He also hangs out with Brandon King and Vinnie Spina on Twitter doing important activist work for potatoes. 

In essence, there’s a little gang of crazy people who’ve spent more time in prison or being sued than the majority of the population of the planet…but they think everybody else has a problem.

Sang likes to claim he’s a law abiding citizen but lately he’s been feuding with Andrew Torba, CEO of the new Social Media site and threatening to take it down.

Because he is 1337 Haxor.

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