Defamation Suit Filed Against Donald Trump

The Donald is screwed.

Summer Zervos was one of numerous women who came forward in 2016 with accusations against Donald Trump of sexual harassment. There was also a woman who alleged she was raped by Trump at the age of 13 that we reported on here.  

True to form, Trump responded to these allegations on Twitter and in the media by attacking the women. While the statute of limitations prevents any charges being filed against Trump, his big mouth has gotten him in trouble. 

Gloria Allred is leading the lawsuit for defamation that Zervos has filed against Trump. Ms Zervos is insisting Trump either admit his sexually inappropriate behavior or defend himself against the allegations in a court of law. Should that happen, Gloria Allred will rip Trump a new one. Ms Allred is best known for the taking on Bill Cosby and the multiple allegations of assault made against him. 

Summer Zervos, a restaurant owner at the time, was a contestant on season 5 of The Apprentice in 2007. She alleges that after the show Trump behaved inappropriately on several occasions in the course of applying for a job with the Trump organization. 

With just days before his inauguration, the lawsuit is sure to affect Trump’s already low approval ratings in the polls. Trump’s approval rating is down to 40% and he hasn’t even taken office yet. 

Just goes to show that you should either watch what you grab or learn to keep your little hands to yourself.