Catch 22; Brandon And Wacky Jets Miley

So Brandon King, self confessed hacker, rebel without a cause and chronic White Knight has teamed up with Glen Miley Collier and all her socks to “go after” other people online.

Though it looks like Brandon doesn’t think too highly of Miley. I’m not sure what Wacky Jets are, I don’t speak Texan troll. It’s funny that he compares her to Marcie Wogan though. Brandon and Marcie actually had an online affair. I wonder if he and Miley…???

In the capatures below, Brandon is the account @Areyallmad talking about Miley.

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@sodsiuemreo @HowScaredAreYou

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@HowScaredAreYou @sodsiuemreo somebody is talking bad about his suspension partner

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@HowScaredAreYou @sodsiuemreo could you pass this to miss “miley” tyvm #TWE9000

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@5Pud2 @TWE9000 somebody’s a backstabbing shit talker @akacharleswade @A1_Buckwheat @getongab @sodsiuemreo Yes yes

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