When The Inmates Run The Asylum

So… if I have this all straight, Trump issued an executive order to protect America from radicalized refugees. The ban applied to only 7 countries even though the banned countries have not been a source for terrorism in the USA. In fact, not one American death has been attributed to terrorists from any of these countries.

Then the executive order went into effect without advance warning. Trump said that was so terrorists wouldn’t rush to the airport to get here before the ban…even though there haven’t been any from those countries so far. 

But without giving advance notice that meant there were people who actually boarded airplanes as officially vetted, legal travelers and immigrants to the US who didn’t find out they were banned from America until they disembarked from their plane. This included a 5 year old child who was detained for hours. I guess Trump needed to ensure the little boy wasn’t a radicalized Islamist terrorist.

Then protests broke out across the country over what most perceived to be a Muslim Ban. Trump denied he was targeting Muslims because he banned everyone from those countries except for Christians and Jews… That only makes sense if you don’t think about it.

Other countries in the area weren’t banned, not even those that have been the source of  actual American terrorist attacks with actual fatalities. If you take a look at the chart below, compiled by Uri Friedman of The Atlantic, the banned countries are in bold print and not the most threatening.  

Along with the protests, there were numerous lawsuits threatened to stop what many felt was an arbitrary and unconstitutional ban. The Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, apparently agreed and ordered the Justice Department not to defend the executive order from any lawsuits because she didn’t think it was legal.

In retaliation, Trump fired Yates 2 minutes before her dismissal was announced to the world. He accused her, after 30 years of service, of betraying the Justice Department. Amazingly petty behavior but I think we have to get used to that from the White House. 

Someone needs to teach Trump how to president. This administration is coming off as insane. As if it’s being scripted by the writers of Saturday Night Live, only not funny.

link to original article by Uri Friedman at The Atlantic