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Flynn, You’re Fired!

Flynn used his Twitter account to spread the goofy fake news PizzaGate, it came back to bite him on the ass…except his conversations with the Russian Ambassador were real…and intercepted by people who actually were working on national security. However his “resignation” raises several questions about why Flynn’s resignation didn’t come until there was public outcry over his actions. Flynn’s

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Holy Moly Trump!!! Rick Is The Man

You wouldn’t think the honeymoon would be over already, Trump hasn’t been in office a month nor filled all the posts in his administration, yet The Donald has his petite hands already full dealing with scandals and controversy.  Last week our new National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, was caught in lies about conversations he had with the Russian ambassador, Sergey

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Judy, Judy, Judy

The newest nut job to join Tom Retzlaff’s Team Phelon is @radionewzblog. Though new to the Phelons, she’s been harassing people for years via several Twitter accounts and blog  The dox of @radionewsblog as Judy Kay Chavez was posted long ago but there was some doubt as to its accuracy, mainly I think, because of her age. Judy is

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Dryvying CEO, Catfish Craig Brittain Buys Fake Testimonials; 2015

Craig Brittain got busted using fake testimonials for his Uber ripoff startup called Dryvying.  Craig is certainly not the first person to use to buy cheap, fake, business promotions, the bizarre website,, also did that. But you’d think Brittain would have already learned not to try and scam the public after being busted for being the owner of the

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