Dryvying CEO, Catfish Craig Brittain Buys Fake Testimonials; 2015

Craig Brittain got busted using fake testimonials for his Uber ripoff startup called Dryvying. 

Craig is certainly not the first person to use fiverr.com to buy cheap, fake, business promotions, the bizarre website, ToddandClaire.com, also did that. But you’d think Brittain would have already learned not to try and scam the public after being busted for being the owner of the revenge porn site, Is Anybody Down. 

And he was busted for harassing his ex girlfriend by posing as her online to catfish men into making dates and showing up at her door.

And he was busted by posing online as a lesbian by the name of Jess Davis, in order to catfish women into sending nudes.

And he was busted for posing as his own lawyer, David Blade III.

Mr Brittain just isn’t learning his life lessons.  I hope nobody has invested too much money into dryvyng. Between his catfishing past and his big mouth, Craig doesn’t seem like a good investment.