Judy, Judy, Judy

The newest nut job to join Tom Retzlaff’s Team Phelon is @radionewzblog. Though new to the Phelons, she’s been harassing people for years via several Twitter accounts and blog Newzradio.net. 

The dox of @radionewsblog as Judy Kay Chavez was posted long ago but there was some doubt as to its accuracy, mainly I think, because of her age. Judy is now 69 years old so there’s that agist stereotype that she’s a sweet little old Gramma instead of a nut job. Don’t let her age fool you, she’s only a year younger than Trump and just as crazy as he is but without the prostate problems, so she doesn’t get up to pee and tweet at 3 am.

A thorough account of @radionewsblog and her antics can be found via Bullyville at judykaychavez.com. Though the evidence pointing to her identity is pretty conclusive, @radionewsblog still claims it’s wrong and that Judy is her aunt. 

Okay, nice try but it doesn’t work. Judy has a somewhat complicated family but see if you can track along with me. Yes, she and Pete are divorced. The 12 year old twin boys S***** and S****** are now in their forties and they’re on Peter’s side of the family. The niece she claims to be is not.

Judy was the only child of her parents but her mom had a son from a previous marriage, her half brother. Judy was close to him but sadly he died at 40 years of age leaving behind 3 daughters. These are Judy’s nieces. 

All the nieces are married with children. Two are nurses and one is a librarian and photographer. All of them live in Missouri, none of them have ever lived outside of Missouri, let alone in Georgia. 

Judy, you might want to come up with a new cover story.