Holy Moly Trump!!! Rick Is The Man

You wouldn’t think the honeymoon would be over already, Trump hasn’t been in office a month nor filled all the posts in his administration, yet The Donald has his petite hands already full dealing with scandals and controversy. 

Last week our new National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, was caught in lies about conversations he had with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, regarding sanctions over Russian hacking. Flynn had previously denied he mentioned anything about sanctions but he had to backtrack on that statement when intelligence agencies provided copies of his conversations with the ambassador that proved different. Maybe American intel isn’t as incompetent as Trump has been claiming.

Then CIA turned down a special security clearance for one of Flynn’s aides, Robin Townley, effectively shutting Townley out of a job. Clearances are declined when an individual poses to much of a risk to be trusted.

Now this week, a Mar-A-Lago country club member posted pictures on his facebook page which call into question the Trump administration’s ability to handle national security and live up to Trump’s boasts about making America safe. North Korea firing its first land based ballistic missile in Japan’s direction was most likely timed to coincide with Prime Minister Abe’s visit to America. It is also a hint that Chairman Kim may be itching for another war. Dealing with the news on the terrace of Mar-A-Lago in full view of unvetted country club members and allowing them to take pictures with their unsecured phones cameras was probably not the smartest thing to do. Probably a very stupid thing to do.

The pictures taken by Richard DeAgazio, a wealthy Boston businessman turned wannabe actor, started appearing on his facebook page shortly after the real life incidents occurred. Once the scandal hit the internet, DeAgazio closed his Facebook page but then opened it up again Monday afternoon only to delete it once again an hour later. However many of his posts are still available via google cache and there are screen captures posted all over the internet.

The Trump administration’s handling of National security thus far is troublesome.  It was a short honeymoon, hopefully the administration will be a short one as well. 

One bright spot though, Rick, the guy who carries the Nuclear Football that allows a nuclear attack to be authorized, is NON-WHITE. The AltRight must be crapping their pants.

Link to google cache