Rauhauser Website Hacked And Hacked And Hacked

Once upon a time Stranded Wind was Neal Rauhauser’s account name on Twitter and Daily Kos as well as a website promoting his business plans. 

Stranded Wind refers to wasted wind power that could be harnessed and used. In Neal’s case, he planned to use wind power to manufacture ammonia to be used as fertilizer and fuel.  Of course his plans fell through.

As with his other grand schemes, Neal abandoned the stranded wind project and went on to other disasters… Twittergate, Progressive PST, Weinergate, working with Brett Kimberlin and posing as Anonymous, the Nadia Naffe lawsuit, etc.  Though he hasn’t been part of Stranded Wind for many years, Neal claimed on Daily Kos that he used to be a Black Hat hacker so it’s amusing to see his site has been hacked and defaced at least three times. strandedwind.org used WordPress and didn’t keep up with updates so it was perfect for hackers looking for low hanging fruit.