Rauhauser v Bullyville Appeal Continues

The Rauhauser v Bullyville lawsuit is once again underway with the 40 page filing last week by Rauhauser’s attorney to rebut the appeal being made by the Bullyville team.

The original million dollar settlement that Rauhauser has bragged about throughout the internet has been whittled down to $150,000 plus court costs but Bullyville is still appealing those costs and sanctions.

Judge Don Cosby made a huge judicial error back in 2014 when he FORGOT to make a ruling in the original case filed by Rauhauser. This automatically gave Bullyville the win by default which Rauhauser then appealed. It was the judge’s error which resulted in the last 2 years of litigation and over $250,000 in legal fees for Neal.

And Neal was a contingency client throughout this period… This means that Dorrell hasn’t been getting paid and won’t collect a dime unless or until the court awards Rauhauser court costs.

Neal being a contingency client has been stated several times by Bullyville and his lawyers, but always denied by Dorrell who claimed Neal was a regular paying client. That was pretty hard to swallow since everybody outside the court room knows Neal hasn’t held a real job in 10 years and owes over $75,000 in back child support.

With the brief filed last week, Dorrell exposed himself as a liar by admitting Rauhauser has always been a contingency client. The arguments made in the brief look like Dorrell is scrambling to recover as much as he can of the legal fees charged to the Neal’s defense at the contingency rate of 500 dollars per hour. Jeffrey Dorrell works for the law firm of Hanzsen Laporte so I imagine his ass will be in hot water if he doesn’t recover a lot of bucks but there’s a definite possibility that the appeals court will acknowledge Judge Cosby’s screw up and not award any fees incurred after 2014.

That would be justice.

Another month or two should see the end of this lawsuit.