Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous Sentenced Today

Justice has been served. Today, Deric Lostutter aka @KYAnonymous, was given a 2 year sentence for being a fame whore. Deric pleaded guilty to charges of lying to an FBI agent and conspiring to hack a website. 

While many people believe Lostutter was a hero during the Steubenville drama, the truth is that he inserted himself into the situation at Steubenville, lied about what was happening, and then used the drama he manufactured to try and become rich and famous. 

Lostutter’s actions after Steubenville were even more telling as he cashed in on his 15 minutes of fame by granting lots of media interviews, running numerous campaigns to raise money for himself along with promoting himself as a rapper (see the end of this post for a sample of bad white boy rap) , a sex cam performer, and a private investigator.  

Lostutter also garnered a reputation for harassing and threatening anyone who told the truth about KYAnonymous and Steubenville. This was mentioned at his hearing. 

After serving his two year stint in prison, Lostutter will be on 3 years of supervised release, he won’t be able to work in any IT related field nor can he own a computer without permission.

Deric, having no hacking skillz of his own, got somebody else to hack None of the comments Lostutter made below were true.

From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA V. DERIC LOSTUTTER sentencing memorandum filed on March 5th, 2017:

Lostutter promoted a false media narrative justifying his crime as necessary to solve the August 2012 rape of a high school student in Ohio, see Exhibit 1, ignoring that all the evidence was previously known and both rapists were arrested months before his December 2012 computer hack (PSR ¶ 5). Throughout his prosecution, Lostutter has collected money by posing as a whistleblower who stopped a media coverup and police corruption, see Exhibit 2, fraudulently concealing that the rape case received national press attention before his involvement (R. 72 at ¶ 4(a)) and that his threatening video intimidated the government’s witnesses. During his explanation of the facts at his rearraignment proceeding (R. 70), Lostutter again justified his crime, falsely claiming that he needed to “do something about it because no one else did.”
Lostutter’s self-promotion and self-congratulation never acknowledge that his illegal actions defamed a fan website operator as a child pornographer and director of a “rape crew,” threatened to do the same to a list of high school students, and invaded the privacy of unconnected adult women by publicly posting their emails containing nude photographs (PSR ¶¶ 6, 12, 18). Nor does he give any logical reason why he thought it helped the rape victim to publicly post this defamatory manifesto, private emails, and threatening video (which included a picture of the rape victim). Nor does he explain why he reasonably believed that it was necessary, or even helpful, for him to punish and threaten strangers without due process, from behind a virtual private networking service and a Guy Fawkes mask. Lostutter’s actual motive was to gain publicity for his online username (R. 72 at ¶ 4(c, i)), without regard for the real repercussions to real human beings. A sentence at the upper end of the guidelines range is necessary to finally reflect the seriousness of this offense.
If Lostutter’s crime was helpful and necessary, he would not have lied to FBI agents about his role in the conspiracy (PSR ¶ 2). If Lostutter’s interest was justice, he would not have given self-serving sworn testimony in this Court that was judged “inherently incredible,” “fanciful,” “utterly unbelievable,” and blatantly inaccurate” (R.60 at 23-24). Lostutter’s repeated obstructions show contempt for the justice system.

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