Fox Swedish Expert Nils Bildt At Modus

Nils Bildt aka Nils Tolling

Update: Since appearing on Fox News and being exposed as a fraud, Nils deleted the Modus World website along with websites of his other endeavors. Not long ago he posted a rambling, incoherent screed about immigrants and Sweden or something… 

Modus World was one of Nils Bildt’s business efforts to cash in on the events of 2015. The web site was created 2 months after the abduction of Japanese journalist, Jumpei Yasudo, in Syria.  Concidentally, Nils changed the focus of his services from corporate security to crisis management with a focus on Kidnapping and ransom negotiation.

Nils inserted himself into the Yasudo kidnapping in July, claiming to be in contact with the terrorists via a third party and negotiating a ransom. His interference was neither condoned nor appreciated by Japan or Yasudo’s wife. It’s believed that Yasudo is still alive.