Mass Arrest Of Drug Traffickers, Seguin ,Texas; October, 1996

Brandon King’s latest attempt to down play his felony drug arrest for selling drugs on school grounds is that he was selling pot to AIDS patients for medicinal use. The article below challenges that little white lie.

This story is from the October 20th, 1996 edition of the Seguin Gazette Enterprise, that details a field operation in and around Seguin, Texas, that resulted in 61 arrests, including that of Brandon King.

Seguin Gazette-Enterprise  October 20th, 1996

Task force rounds up suspected dealers Cont’d. from Pg. 1A 

Word would quickly be spreading the word that “the law” was serving warrants. It was only three minutes to the next location. Quickly, the team secured the house. The outside officers seemed to communicate mostly with their eyes and a few hand gestures… again, little was said. In a few minutes officers came out of the house with the individual named in the warrant, read him his rights, and placed him under arrest. This individual’s vehicle was allegedly used in the trafficking of cocaine and it was quickly impounded by a stand-by wrecker.

The team leader called for a “transport” vehicle (another police car to transport the arrested individual to the police station) which arrived within two minutes. Then it was back in the car and off to the next location. 

Word had been received that a “wanted” individual had been spotted riding a bicycle in a nearby neighborhood. The individual was spotted by officers in the lead car. He was quickly apprehended and transported back to the police station. A radio transmission was received asking for assistance from the canine unit to check a house for a suspect. Within two minutes we were at that location. The dog did his work and another arrest was made. This quick arrest process went on for about an hour and 15 minutes at locations both within the city limits of Seguin and in Guadalupe County. 

Now back at the Seguin Police Department’s “in-processing” area, the suspects were thoroughly searched again. One individual was found to have several packets of cocaine stuck in the corners of his pockets. The suspects’ possessions were inventoried, the suspects were photographed, and they were locked up in holding cells awaiting transport to the Guadalupe County Jail for booking and magistration. 

Only a couple hours from its start, the bust was completed with eight less drug traffickers operating on the streets of our community. Active warrants remain on the other still-at-large suspects. 

Friday’s arrests ended a six- month undercover investigation into illegal narcotic dealing within the city limits of Seguin and Guadalupe County. With intelligence gathered from the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Seguin Police Department, the task force was able to make 61 arrests, execute 14 search warrants and seize 11 weapons. 

During the investigation a total of $73,000 worth of illegal narcotics were taken off the local streets. Also seized from drug dealers were their assets which are gained from the sale of illegal narcotics. Forfeiture proceedings include $19,527 in U.S. currency, $3,000 in miscellaneous property, and 13 motor vehicles of undetermined value. 

Those arrested were Antonio Juarez Jr., 35, of Seguin, charged with delivery of marijuana; Lisa Dianna Wilson, 25, of Seguin, charged with delivery of marijuana under five pounds; Gerald H. Priestly, 20, of Seguin, charged with delivery of a controlled substance, less than one gram; Richard Darryl Blackman, 35, of Seguin, charged with delivery of a controlled substance under one gram; Ronnie Hernandez, 24, of Seguin, charged with delivery of a controlled substance, less than 28 grams; Marvin Benton Jr., 36, of Seguin, charged with delivery of a controlled substance, less man one gram; Brandon Charles King, 25, of Seguin, charged with delivery of marijuana under five pounds; and Ismael Davila, 18, of Seguin, charged with delivery of marijuana under five pounds and delivery of a controlled substance less than 28 ounces. 

All arrested ‘were magistrated before Justice of the Peace Edwin Neuse. Bond was set at $20,000 each with the exception of Ronnie Hernandez whose bond was set at $40,000 and Ismael Davila whose bond was set at $60,000. 

Officers participating in Friday’s field operation, who can be publicly identified without compromising task force operations, include Seguin Police Officers Frank Mahone, Landa Stubbs, Paul Blea, and Michael Nickel; Det. Jimmy DeLaGarza; and Lfc Mike Rosas. From the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s.. Office were Deputies Tony Slaughter arid Ken Thick; and Sgt. Arnold Zwicke. 

As the operation ended, Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office deputies began to transport the prisoners to the jail. Chief Hopper and the task force commander looked over the documentation and reviewed the operation with the task force members. As I was leaving through the back door of the police station, I noticed a few of the task force undercover members quietly leaving the area. I wondered if they knew that they were appreciated by those of us who don’t have to face the dangers of law enforcement duties, day in and day out. Before the door closed behind me, I heard Chief Hopper comment, “Seguin should be a little safer tonight.”

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