New Jersey Law Firm Hired Professional Troll To Harass

Well, well, well…Today Bullyville posted a court transcript that validates what many of us have known or suspected… that Brandon King works for disbarred lawyer, Vinnie and her attorney husband, Patrick Spina. How karmically delicious that the proof of their collusion came via Brandon’s own mouth!

Brandon recently filed a harassment report with the New Braunfels police department against Bullyville and myself. That was a very, very big mistake on Brandon’s part. Not because bloggers are protected by the first amendment (via Obsidian v. Cox) and can’t be penalized for publishing information of public concern but because he incriminated Vinnie in identity theft and violating orders given her by the New Jersey Supreme Court.

Below is the court transcript posted by Bullyville. The transcript is an October, 2015, hearing for Brandon King to answer for his years of unpaid child support or face contempt of court.

During the hearing Brandon states that he is a contracted employee of the Spina law firm and began working for them in 2014. While they called it “security”, Brandon was essentially a troll hired to harass and intimidate people the Spina’s didn’t like. 

After being disbarred, Vinnie Spina started a blog dedicated to Real Housewives and eventually ended up in feuds with other bloggers and Reality Housewife Fans which escalated to harassment offline as well as online. Brandon was her enforcer.

Vinnie Spina has claimed for years that she had nothing to do with the blog, that it belonged to a woman called Antonella “Toni” Mollica that worked for her husband’s law firm. Bullyville contacted the real Ms Mollica recently and it appears Vinnie has not been telling the truth.

Vinnie is in deep doodoo, not only for the identity theft, but for violating most of the terms of her disbarment as ordered by the New Jersey Supreme court. She’s currently being sued by the New Jersey Lawyer’s Trust who are trying to recoup over $300,000 they paid out to Vinnie’s bilked clients.

And there are around 125 days left in the discovery process before Vinnie’s trial.  She is so screwed.

You can see the whole transcript with the judge’s decision at Bullyville right here