Seriously? Sarah Palin Just Pulled ANOTHER Palinism

Hasn’t she learned her lesson yet?

Sarah put her foot in her mouth yet once again. Or perhaps it was her bible that she was choking on…

Sarah wrote an article for her blog slamming Colin Kaepernick for donating to Meals On Wheels. She posted the link to her post in a tweet along with a snarky comment “no wonder he can’t get a job” 

She got a LOT of flak over that so she deleted the tweet.

Then she deleted the article.

But the most wonderful part of Sarah’s latest faux pas is the “daily devotional” she has on her website. Every day there’s a quote from the bible and a themed sermon to go with it. Today’s lesson was on Doing Your Part by donating to charity.

Sarah needs to read those devotionals on her blog, you betcha!

Here’s the whole devotional, the original is here