Brandi Glanville Stalker Files Harassment Charges

Yes. Brandon King, convicted felon and ex hacker, who was outed earlier this week as having harassed Brandi Glanville online on behalf of Leann Rimes claims he has filed harassment charges against James McGibney of Bullyville and… me.

Me! Yes, me, Zile! 


Brandon apparently fired harassment charges with the New Braunfels police department sometime late February or early March because I have said mean things about him on this blog. Brandon filed his charges before Bullyville outed him to the media as the man who harassed Brandi Glanville for Leann Rimes. Oops!

I’m thinking that it was probably not a really good idea for Brandon to use a police department as a harassment tool because it might draw unwanted attention to himself. Brandon might have to explain why a convicted felon and ex-hacker was hired by the Spina Law Firm in New Jersey and what exactly he did for them. Brandon might also have to explain to law enforcement what he did for Leann Rimes and Love Majewski (how many times did her dog die?) not to mention Joanna Krupa.  

Brandon lives in New Braunfels which is pretty far away from everyone he works for. It’s somewhere in Texas, down near the pointy part. I bet it’s probably not too far from Old Braunfels.

Anyway, despite Donald Trump’s best efforts, there is still a first amendment in America, even in Texas. There was a landmark case not too long ago, Obsidian v. Cox, where the Supreme Court determined that the protection of the press also applies to bloggers. 

Brandon King and I have only interacted with each other on social media. I have never spoken to him in person nor contacted him via email. I write about Brandon King on irontroll because the blog is dedicated to exposing and chronicling online bullies, criminals and sociopaths (and Donald Trump because he’s all of the above). People have been complaining about harassment from Brandon King and Vinnie Spina for years. 

It’s time for that to end but rather than just knocking their crap off, Brandon and Vinnie seem to be intent to go out fighting.

In the short time since Brandon filed a harassment complaint his allegations have grown into a “felony harassment investigation” to, according to a recent rumor,  a major criminal investigation involving a sex crimes hoax.

My goodness! It seems I have been very busy down by that pointy part of Texas.

If Brandon actually filed a police complaint, it’s my very first! So I got a new hairdo, a mani pedi and a new outfit for my mugshot!

So far, nobody has shown up at my door with handcuffs, or I should say, no police officers have shown up at my door with handcuffs. So I’m sitting here practicing assorted felonious desperado poses.

But I wonder if Orange is still the new Black? Maybe I should go shopping for another outfit? Do they have stores in New Braunfels?

Being a wanted criminal is not easy!

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  1. If he took out a complaint against you, all cops can do is try to find you and ask you about what he alleges. He would have to file suit against you and then prove that it was you that hit send. Its not easy to prove cyber stalking and bullying. And you are right, if BK goes any further with his claim, like filing suit, you would be entitled to seek from him information in his posssesion custody or control that may show what he really has been up to. He might e opening up can of worms by going any further..

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