Bullyville And Rauhauser Lawyers To Face-Off Once Again

Attorneys Evan Stone and Jeffrey Dorrell will once again face off as the Bullyville appeal continues. Stone and Dorrell will meet for oral arguments before a panel of 3 appeal judges to determine final sanctions against James McGibney and Bullyville.

The last duel between Stone and Dorrell proved costly for Neal Rauhauser. Lawyer Stone carved off $850,000 of that MEELYUN DOLLAHS Neal had been bragging about for the last year. Now Neal is now down to an award of $150,000 and around $300,000 in legal fees.

These legal fees will be one of the main issues being argued in the upcoming hearing. Due to judicial error (the judge forgot to render a decision) the law suit has dragged on for the last couple of years.  

Plus there’s some question as to what legal fees Rauhauser has actually incurred.  Rauhauser said he was a contingency fee client, meaning his lawyer wouldn’t get a dime unless he won the lawsuit. So Neal actually doesn’t have any legal fees.

But then the story changed and Dorrell claimed before the court that Neal wasn an actual, real life, paying client and not contingency. And now, for this appeal, Dorrell has changed his mind again, saying Neal is a contingency client. So in light of this confusion on Dorrell’s part, here’s what we expect to be some of the questions the esteemed judges ask of Jeffrey.

1. Did you represent Rauhauser on a contingency fee agreement or not?
2. How much money did Neal Rauhauser actually pay Hanszen Laporte (Jeffrey’s law firm) ?
3. Are you aware Mr Dorrell that the State of Nebraska has served a lien on this court for your client’s failure to pay child support for the past 16 years?

There were also some constitutional issues with the sanctions that bothered me, I’m looking forward to real judges in the higher court listening to oral arguments and making a decision.