High Mimes And Misdemeanors; The Trials Of JoJo

JoJo had another hearing yesterday, March 28th, regarding two of the charges from his long assorted list. Charges addressed were # 6, Stalking, which is JoJo’s way of showing affection and #8 Attempt To Influence A Public Servant, which no doubt came as a result of JoJo trying to flip the cop twenty bucks to take a hike.

JoJo has another court date for these charges on April 4th and then on April 24th is the Disposition Hearing for his major charge of attempting to strangle a mime.

JoJo’s well known and much beloved internet lawyer, Sue Basko, will most likely email JoJo some of her expert advice on how to beat the rap, but it looks likely that JoJo will end up spending a year or two.

Living life JoJo free has been very nice.