The Jester Is Being Stalked! Updated April 8th

The Jester aka @Th3Je5t3r is a very famous fake person.  He is so famous that back in 2015, he was named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential fake people on the internet! 

These days The Jester is not so famous or influential, but still just as fake as ever. The Jester is actually a group of conservative middle aged men and women who bypass the government and military to wage battles with a mighty DDoS cannon, to keep the internet safe from web sites and stuff. And Trump. They don’t like Trump, which is a surprise considering their political orientation.

The operators of The Jester, Tom Ryan, Mark Walker and his sister, Laura, are mild mannered professionals working in security related businesses by day but fighting for America at night. Except not last night. 

Last night, Trump ordered an attack on an airbase in Syria. Everybody was talking about this except patriotic Jester. He/She/They were too busy harassing a woman so He/She/They missed Trump contradictiing everything he’s said about Syria when he ordered the missiles to strike Syria. The Jester was more wrapped up in trying to incite his followers to harass her too. And they did. Besides tweeting her they also called her and her place of employment.

Patriotic Hero, Jester, ISIS Fighter and Grey Hat Hacker justified his online harassment by claiming the woman has been stalking him…for 10 months. Such a patient victim to wait this long, suffering in silence before finally speaking up.

But this isn’t the first time The Jester has harassed a woman, this is His/Her/Their third incident. That’s pretty creepy considering it’s a group account.

UPDATE: I’ve been informed by reliable sources that this is The Jester’s 4th failed attempt at finding love on the internet. Poor Jester, it seems the women He/She/They is attracted to don’t reciprocate and then turn out to be predators stalking Him/Her/Them and must be punished.

Someone in the Perhaps it’s time the Jester learned how to deal with rejection. Someone who disagrees with you or tells you no isn’t the end of the world. It’s not even like missile strikes in Syria. 

The Jester group needs to grow up, get over it, and move on.

Jester posted this exchange with “misssmith” as proof of stalking.

5 thoughts on “The Jester Is Being Stalked! Updated April 8th

  1. You might want to remove this post. It isn’t accurate at all. In fact, could be considered l will be contacting an attorney to discuss my legal options.

  2. Ohai Evalynne! I think it's very sweet of you to White Knight for Jester.I am so glad that you, as spokeswoman for Anonymous, and all the rest of Anonymous read IronTroll and enjoy it so much!Haters are Alternative Fans!

  3. Jester gives zero fucks what you have to say, little yapper. 😆 Just like the rest of Anonymous. We have a lot of fun pointing and laughing at you though.

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