Spina And King Timeline Harassing Kristen Johnston; 2015 #RHONJ

Kristen Johnston, aka Kjo The Smart Ass, is a 2 time Emmy award winner, a best selling author and forever beloved for her iconic role in Third Rock From The Sun.  On social media Kjo was also popular for being approachable and a down to earth, not to mention earthy, person. 

In her best selling book, Guts, Kjo used her sense of humor to tell of her addiction to drugs and alcohol. Clean and sober for over a decade now, she has provided inspiration and understanding to her followers online. Offline she founded SLAM, an organization that launched New York City’s first sober high school for teens in recovery.

For whatever reasons, Kjo has also been one of the celebrities harassed by Vinnie Spina and her paid troll, Brandon King. The time line of Vinnie Spina as Fox Says with retweets of Brandon King as TheUmpireLestat speaks for itself.